We are looking for local families and people in our community that need help.

Please give us a hand and nominate a "deserving" family or individual for a $100 SHOPPING SPREE at MEGA THRIFT!

Maybe its a neighbor, a friend, a relative or even your own family. Just fill out the application and tell us briefly about them and their situation.

Mega Thrift management will choose one family or person each week to come in and shop for clothing, shoes, and in-stock items worth $100 at Mega Thrift.

Download the application and drop it in the box on your next visit to Mega Thrift


The Stout famliy has been thru a lot the past twelve years. Mr. Stout had a bout of cancer, and luckily pulled through. They tried for 5 years to have children of their own to no avail. Just when they were going to give up, they got a call from social services about a cousin's child. With out skipping a beat they said yes. They have been coming to the store to get the child clothes, and sheets and other things and they really needed. This shopping spree put on the finishing touches to welcome their new child.

Karen Saunders is a single mother, who takes care of her two younger girls, her grandson, and another baby is on the way. She recently got custody of her niece. Karen is a busy lady with a lot of love in her heart. This was well deserved.

The Bone family has been together for 14 years and they have 3 beautiful boys. Mrs. Bone was fired from her job after 6.5 years and her husband was let go at his job after new management came in. Mr. Bone finally has a job but only makes minimum wage. Their car has broke down, they are behind on bills and don't know how they are going to get anything for their children for christmas.

Sylvia was and her husband adopted 2 terminally ill children 19 years ago. Frank has cystic fibrosis and liver disease. Bradley has Hanhart Syndrome. Both children were adopted at 2 months and were not expected to live past 2 years. Sylvia has spent the past 10 years loving, caring, and educating these after raising her other two sons. She spends her days home-schooling and taking medical car of these special boys with a lot of demands. Sylvia always looks after others and never takes time for herself. When she shops for her family she is always over looking herself. She is said to have a heart the size of Texas...

Sylvia was brought to tears of appreciation to receive this "blessing" as she calls it.

The Barnes Family. Laura is a 47 year old grandmother who takes care of her two grandchildren. Ms.Barnes also gets dialysis 2 times a week and has a part time job. Ms.Barnes family makes it fine with all their needs except for clothing and shoes. Lauren the six year old is plus size and it is hard to find clothing for her.

Ms.Barnes and her grandchildren has a great time shopping over the weekend!

Mr.Rogers is a humble man who was disabled while serving our country in the army. Mr.Rogers spends every penny from his V.A. comp check on his grandchildren, who have been abandoned by their mother. He chooses to raise his grandchildren with out any help from any agencies. By the times he pays his bills he has very little left, but he spends whatever he has left on clothing and the other needs of his children. Mr.Rogers was nominated by a friend who thinks he deserves some things for himself, considering he spends all he has on others.

Mr.Rogers was all smiles while shopping.

Nava Family.

Neither of the parents have a job at this time and they have a family of 7. They are receiving help with food, but never can afford new clothing or shoes.

The Nava Family were very grateful!!!

They are a struggling family of 8. The father was laid off from his job in November of 2008, and the mother is going to school for cosmetology. The father has also returned to school to earn a degree in Business Admin. Their road has been rough one, but they are some how able to keep their heads above water. With such a large family they have a hard time meeting everyone needs and buying clothing and shoes has so far been the hardest to keep up with! The Gause family were very grateful!

Amber is a single mother of three who is staying with her 9 other family members in the home. They do not receive medicaid or food stamps and only 2 out of the nine people in the home work.

Amber and her family said they are truly blessed by the shopping spree!

Jasmine is a single mother of one, who rarely receives help from any one. She is currently attending school to have a better life for her and her child. Jasmine currently does not have a job and is living between family & friends. Her & her child's clothing has became worn and shoes too small. She is striving to become a better person for herself and her child. Jasmine and her son were all smiles getting their new clothing!

Carol is a 57 year old widow that suffers from fibromyalgia, migrains, & other health problems yet she works 12-15 hours a day on her feet caring for sick people. In spite of her exhaustion, on her days off she speads them as the head of a "Sunshine Club" that promotes good morale in the company she works for. Her first husband was very abusive, yet she was so loving and sweet, it never shaped her into a mean person. There was at last love and joy in her second husband. He died on Christmas Eve of a rare disease after only a couple of years together. She also received the news of her father's death while holding her grandaughter who had just died. Yet she gives and gives! She gives encouragement to all who are distressed & rarely complains. She has also nearly had her power turned off due to giving money to unemployed family members.

The McMahan Family are raising their 5 grandchildren. When they took in the last two they had to find another house to fit them all. They did find a home, but it is a "fixer upper." Most of their money goes to feeding the children and fixing up the home. They were ecstatic to be able to get the children new clothing with this shopping spree!!!

The Messick Family are raising their 4 grandchildren. They have no support from the children parents, and the grandmother had to quit her job in order to raise the children. They are living on one salary supporting a family of 6. They have a hard time feeding and clothing the children. This shopping spree helped them out tremendously!

Ameilia Chris and her husband have 3 children and their daughter was recently diagnosed with eye cancer. They both ended up losing their jobs due to the fact that they have to drive 3 hours away for Marilyn's frequent doctor's appointments. Currently, she and her family are living with Ameilia's parents. They had to sell their vehicles in order to have money to live on. None of their children are able to get new clothes because they don't have the extra money.

Mrs. Reba Austin is an elderly woman who quit her job to take care of her sick husband on a full time basis. She's on a fixed income and rarely leaves her home for anything. The money that she receives goes towards her husband's medications. Her daughter nominated her and said that her mom won't buy anything for herself and the last time she saw her, her clothes had holes in them. She loves her mother dearly and wants her to have a shopping spree all for herself.

Whitney Bumpass is a high school student that is in need of clothes and both of her parents have lost their jobs. Whitney is enrolled in a Cosmetology course at her local high school and never
asks for anything but is very appreciative of what she does receive.

Garay Cordaba's family had been displaced by the last TX Hurricane and lost everything. They moved here to NC with just their clothes on their back. Her husband has recently started a new
job, and they are extremely excited to receive new clothing.

Jennifer Weaver is the single parent of 3 children. Her youngest daughter Shelby was diagnosed with bone cancer in October 2007. Jennifer has since had to leave her job to focus on caring for shelby through chemo and surgeries. A leisurely shopping spree was a much needed break for the Weavers.

After a house fire forced the Glass family, including 7 children, to move to a motel, $100 worth of clothing was a welcome relief.

Jason (school teacher) and Amy (FT mom) have two kids. Madison 9, and Caleb 5, who has special needs. Jason is currently attending night school to be able to provide more for his family. He also mentors young boys who have no father figure in their lives.  Amy is constantly giving to others; whether it's time, money, food, name it!! They are also pursuing becoming foster parents...

Brittny Miller is a young mother of two.  One child has health issues.  She works 7 days a week to provide for her children.  Mega Thrift is happy to award her a $100 shopping spree that she used for things like clothing and a baby bed.

The Down's family has six children.  Five of those were adopted before they received the news that they would be having one of their own.  Many of the children have special needs due to issues from the biological parents. The family has struggled through court battles over the children but have recently completed adoptions.  The Down's family received $100 worth of children's clothing.

These two boys were "left behind" when both parents went to prison.  They are being looked after by Shantey Parker who is doing her best to make ends meet.  She keeps the boys smiling and does whatever needs to be done for them.  She received $100 worth of children's clothing as Mega Thrift's first recipient.